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Do 401k Participants Understand 401k Fees?

How Well Do Participants Understand 401k Fees?

The majority of respondents expressed an interest in receiving fee information before selecting their investments (61%) as well as on a regular basis (61%) after making
their initial investment decisions. Slightly more than one third (36%) would like to receive fee information whenever fees change.

Paper materials (77%) are the most widely desired vehicle for receiving fee-related information. While paper materials were by far the most-preferred medium,
respondents expressed interest in receiving information about fees from other media as well. Specifically, three in ten (30%) respondents would like to receive
information about fees via the Internet, one in four (24%) expressed an interest in receiving this information through in-person group sessions, and nearly as many
(23%) would like to learn about plan fees during in-person one-on-one counseling.

Base: All 1,584 respondents. Percentages add to more than 100% because each respondent was allowed to select multiple responses.


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